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Masques Renfort Nez

EXW France

One-size masks made of Oeko-Tex certified fabric with nose reinforcement, reusable and machine washable at 60°. The 100% stainless aluminium nose pad is sewn inside and allows a perfect adjustment to your body shape. These protective masks are for non-clinical use and are intended for people working in a professional environment with occasional contact with other people. They comply with AFNOR (SPECS76-001) and IFTH (CDC April 2020 UNF masks) standards, UNS1 to new and UNS2 for 10 washes (tests are in progress for a 20-30 wash guarantee).

The polyamide fabric is laminated on a foam guaranteeing breathability, filtration, lightness and comfort. The fabric/foam complex is more rigid and prevents the mask from sticking to the skin. The elastics are fixed by ultrasound.

Their use allows the filtration of at least 90% of the particles of 3μ. They are in no way a medical aid nor are they an absolute barrier to the Covid-19 virus. Their use aims to limit the risks of contamination and must be rigorously combined with barrier measures.

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DGA - Ministère de la Défense Oeko-Tex Filtration Garantie - Testé 10 lavages


Lavez-vous les mains régulièrement

Wash your hands regularly
Couvrez votre visage en éternuant

Cover your face when sneezing
Jetez vos mouchoirs dans une poubelle

Dispose of tissues in a bin
Respectez les distances sociales

Maintain social distancing
Portez un masque

Wear a mask
Ne touchez pas votre visage

Don’t touch your face