In the face of the health crisis that the world is currently experiencing, we need to act together. EAC is committed to fighting the spread of the Coronavirus and to helping you ensure a safe return to business. Keen to participate in the essential health effort in our country, the EAC Ornement Métalliques team has taken the decision to use part of the company's material and human resources to produce certified and washable protective masks.

Thanks to the outstanding work of its employees, part of the production plant has been transformed into a mask making facility, capable of achieving a weekly production of 20,000 units. Working together, employees and volunteers, usually employed in polishing and surface treatment of metal parts, have shown great flexibility and now produce quality washable masks, certified to AFNOR SPE 76:001.

On this page you will find all the technical information, test results and instructions for use of the masks. You will also find information on how to order.

As part of its commitment to fight against the virus, EAC wishes to provide reliable and effective solutions to its customers to guarantee a safe return to business. With this in mind, and in addition to selling washable masks, EAC also now offers protection screens made from transparent plastic. Available immediately in several standard or customisable sizes, these easy-to-install and easy-to-maintain screens will help to prevent splashes and the spread of the virus. Free-standing, they do not need to be fixed and are therefore ready to use.

Please contact 047 572 7801 or e-mail marketing@eacswimsource.com

Our products

Standard masks
Standard masks
Pack of 50 black masks for adults
without reinforced nose support.
Guaranteed for 10 washes.
Non-clinical usage,
category 1 (UNS1) & 2 (UNS2)
Masques simple
Reinforced nose support masks
Pack of 50 black masks for adults
with reinforced nose support.
Guaranteed for 10 washes.
Non-clinical usage,
category 1 (UNS1) & 2 (UNS2)
Standard Screen
Standard Screen
Highly resistant extruded PMMA
Width: 60 – 120cm
Height: 75 cm
Free-standing structure
easy to clean.

Cloison sur-mesure
Made-to-measure screen
Highly resistant extruded PMMA
Made to measure
Free-standing structure
easy to clean

Borne connectée Personnalisable
hand-gel dispenser
Made in France
10l capacity
Lithium rechargeable battery
Multitude of information
DGA - Ministère de la DéfenseOeko-TexFiltration Garantie - Testé 10 lavages


Lavez-vous les mains régulièrement

Wash your hands
Couvrez votre visage en éternuant

Cover your face
when sneezing
Jetez vos mouchoirs dans une poubelle

Dispose of tissues
in a bin
Respectez les distances sociales

Maintain social
Portez un masque

Wear a mask
Ne touchez pas votre visage

Don’t touch
your face